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“There is something very stylish about the way she works the mixer and the decks that is always fun to watch. A fluid liquid motion and in one with the music.”



All Singaporean road users, government reminder to “do the right thing”.

1. Don’t play “chao” and chase ambulance from behind.

2. Please “pa” signal, don’t “zhum” peoples lane.

3. Don’t any how whack horn.

4. Don’t anyhow shine light.

5. Don’t Ah beng tailgate smell people backside.

Last of all, remember to SMILE!

Today is my youngest brother’s 20th birthday. Can’t believe time has flown past so quickly. I still remember carrying him around since he was a little tyke, always wanting me to carry him around where ever we went.

We are exactly a decade apart from each other and me and my girl friend at the time used to play with him always because he was such a cute baby that never cried.

I even remember he uttered his first words in Sydney Australia. I gave him a slice of cheese and he said …”chheeth” because he had no teeth.

Even if he fell down or cut himself he would never make a sound. He would go “Kor kor, kor kor” with open arms then “bo pian” must carry… Hehe.

I remember on his first birthday I saved up to him a pair of shoes costing more than my Airwalk’s, navy blue with a whale on the top , only for him to out grow them in six months later.

Now he’s a man, living his own dreams, hair like a girls with the rock and roll image but no matter how old he gets, to me, he will still be the baby with the blue whale shoes.

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My background: this was in 2000 ish, I was in a pre-u school and one of my classmates was (don’t know how she is now) a staunch believer of City Harvest.

We were never close, she suddenly turned up one day with this weird statement, claiming that she didn’t know how to be my friend and I look like a “lost soul” and wanted me to come to her church. I was on the look out for churches at that point, I have heard of CHC, but didn’t really like it. Decided to give it a benefit of doubt and went to church with her.

Clever packaging of Sunday services

Truly. It was one of those things where there’s a live band, it was in an old movie theater and the acoustics were great. It certainly felt more like a rock concert thing than going to church. For us who…

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City Harvest Church issues warning: We will ‘deal’ with the media in due course.