My Take On Club Mink and Filter

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Clubs, Bars and Pubs
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I haven’t had the opportunity to visit either Mink or Filter but one thing I really appreciate are that the marketing managers are very receptive and pro active to comments and articles written about them online on various social media platforms.

Indeed they are keeping ahead of the pack because they engage the party goers on a personal level which is one aspect where most clubs fail.

Club life to them is an art form. Where class is not only determined by the material of your interior decor but more so the people walking through your doors.

People go to a club to escape the monotony of their daily routine, to feel like somebody for a day and the good people at Filter and Mink work hard to make sure you do.

Spinning for various clubs for the good earlier half of my life I think that bringing in international superstar DJ’s is not the only ingredient to a clubs success.

Clubs like Zouk may bring in the hottest acts but these acts are usually way bigger than their venues capacity causing mainly discomfort rather than pleasure for party goers.

Another one of my biggest gripes, I’m sorry i have to say this, is the slow bar service. Ive even made it a point to bring and pay exact cash because it takes them forever to return my change or my credit card.

Sure, Zouk might have their loyal fans but how much longer can a club ride on its reputation? In fact when it comes down to which club everyone wants to go to, Zouk is hardly even a contender these days.

Its a club everyone wants to go to when they turn 18 but I think it’s just going to remain at that level if they don’t step up their game in future.

Music, decor, drink prices play a part undoubtably but going beyond this traditional blueprint is what Filter and Mink have accomplished. Making great connections, tailoring their club to the customers needs and having a good time while at it.

The event listings on Facebook are always insanely attractive and invites are always sent like clockwork. Maybe a bit to provocative for governmental standards at times but still I love the ideas behind them.

From the reports and outstanding reviews from friends and the media alike, Filter and Mink are definitely my next clubbing destinations and something tells me I’m not going to regret it.


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