Big Brother IS watching us

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Random thoughts

We fear the reality of George Orwell’s “Big brother” watching us reality materializing one day but the truth of the matter is that fiction has already evolved into fact.

While we anticipate a government watching our every move with strategically placed hidden cameras but in reality the enemy is the public with everyone owning a pocket sized camera in the form of phones and tablet PC’s.

Nobody is safe from the prying eyes of these annoying wannabe film makers that seem to have their devices on permanent standby, eagerly waiting for you to make a wrong move and airing it for all to see on YouTube.

A friend of mine once had her fathers day supper ruined by a couple of “vigilantes” who we’re trying to prove THIER innocence by catching OTHER peoples infractions on camera. Furthermore no offense was committed on their end but the intrusion of personal space was what really upset her dad. Are there no laws protecting us from these rouge videographers?

We pose restrictions and guidelines on the media but somehow these laws don’t seem to apply to the amateur videographer or photographer. I once brought my SLR into a club to photograph a friends birthday but was stopped by the bouncer saying that “cameras” are not allowed.

Just because my my camera takes better pictures and not pink and bejeweled I’m not allowed to bring it in? Nearly everyone who has a phone has a camera but I’m being stopped. So what’s the rationale of not letting me use my SLR? Since when did owning an bulkier camera automatically make me a media person?

With that being said, the rise of this new generation of inconsiderate “photo journalists” are not without cause. News sites like Stomp literally pay you for revealing the ugly side of society. What’s worse its becoming an epidemic. As much as I enjoy the occasional tabloid from Stomp every once in a while, it’s disturbing to know that some are willing to destroy the life of another for a measly $50.

High schoolers getting thrown out of school because they were caught kissing by a park bench, filmed by a busy body auntie with too much free time on her hands and the list goes on.

People pushing old ladies off buses, youngsters passed out outside of clubs, MRT arguments, SCDF men smoking and drinking at coffee shops. Even while writing this a new video has been released featuring a pair of old men fighting on a public bus. I really think society has sunk to a new low when everyday people are shamed by their fellow men.


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