Boys will be boys

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Flash Backs, Funny

Talking about all these old man skirmishes going on. I once saw pair of them fight in front of me. Marina bay sands toilet .

I was styling my hair by the sink when one dude side swiped the other for the hand towels. One guy said “Eh, you damn rude ah, just cut in like that.”

The other “Why you not happy ah?” Then fight starts, sandwiching me in the middle!

Two skinny, small size Ah Pek’s, one with Phua chu kang hair and one with center parting throwing air punches like a bunch of sissies. Damn ridiculous.

I told them in hokkien “Eh uncle , want to fight over hand towels ah, suah lah (forget it). You all ok or not? ”

Then both turn to look at me, “Boy you saw who started this right? First inside the Singapore Pools room he block my TV during horse racing…bla bla bla.” You see, you see, he started it…Yak yak yak…”

Omg, settle down children, settle down . I’ll buy both of you a candy bar and I want both of you to say sorry to each other. Ok? Geeze.


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