Music, An Acquired Taste …

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Events, Funny, My Grandfathers Art Jam @ Substation, Random thoughts

Funniest thing I heard at The Grandfathers day event was from OffCuff’s lead who is a friend of mine.

O$P$ were on at the time and they were the act before them. So I asked…

“Eh bro, got all your gear inside already ah?”

“Not yet man bro.”


“Inside very loud, bit too loud for me. Ears cannot take it.”


This is coming from a guy that is so experimental, he just played a styrofoam box like a violin using a fiddle in his last act accompanied with off pitched clarinet tunes, banging drums with crazy electronic distortions.

Hilarious! I guess in music its certainly is to each his own.



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