One Mans Wrongdoing Doesn’t Define An Entire Religion

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Current Affairs

One man wrongdoing doesn’t define an entire religion.

If Kong Hee is convicted then let him and his posse burn, not the religion that he preaches.

Same goes that if a monk turns corrupt it’s doesn’t mean Buddhism and its believers should be outcast.

I personally don’t feel it’s right to slam people’s individual belief systems no matter what it is.

Personally, I’m a christian and its not without its ups and downs. Right off the bat, I can tell you that my church never demanded funds for me, 10 percent tithes or whatever.

If you have faith in the system and trust that your money is going to a better place, you give willingly. Nobody guilt tripped me into donating either. I believe to an extent, that the congregation at City Harvest Church believed the same.

I’m speaking from a stand point of just ONE of the many churches in Singapore. So to say that “ALL” churches are money grubbers is total BS.

I believe at in all Theories, religions and systems of belief, the core lies with the good message it preaches and a holy man is not immune to mistakes either.

In my opinion, if the allegations the acts of Kong Hee has bastardised and manipulated the teachings of Christianity to suit his gains and is no representation of Christianity as a whole. His outcome is not mine to judge but is to his God.


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