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LOVE YOU WRONG TIME: My favourite and also the best places to EAT, DRINK and PARTY in ASIA

I don’t attend City Harvest Church in Singapore, but it’s very sad and heartbreaking to see a senior and founding pastor who you respect, become a target for endless investigations. It culminated in his arrest this morning, along with a few other of his church members.

My heart goes out to the City Harvest Church congregation – remember, you don’t go to church for one man, you go to church for one God.


Full article here.

How true is the law that convicts its people? Why did God let this happen? Did Pastor Kong Hee deserve it, or is he to be pitied?

In a society which demands clarity in black and white, we find that most of what we get is blurred.

No man can answer all this or will know for sure.

It’s $50mil now? Fresh exposé in the local news hatelines…

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  1. Thanks DJ Nicho 🙂

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