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A 17 year old girl Yap Siew Ting who was involved in a nude video scam has been sentenced to 2 years supervised probation for extortion.

She has been ordered by the court to serve 130 hours of community service. Her mother also has to post a bond of S$5,000 to ensure her good behaviour.

Yap allegedly stripped in front of a webcam to entice unsuspecting men to do so as well, one of whom is a son of a medical doctor who was extorted a total of $97,000 as reported initially over a period of nine months under the threat that the footage of his naked body would be circulated online if he did not pay up.

The man reportedly paidĀ $97,350 via 89 fund transfers to different POSB savings accounts. However, Yap remained unsatisfied and continued to extort more money from him, eventually forcing him to lodge a policeā€¦

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