Larry the Lonely Lobster

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Random thoughts


I took a picture of this lobster on route to Lucky 13 at Somerset . It’s was in a tank on display in a Chinese restaurant and struck me as a metaphor for life as an artist in Singapore at times.

A massive being, trapped and limited to the constraints to the walls of the glass tank. So constricted is its movement that it comes to a point where the lobster refuses to move and is slowly submitting to its abysmal fate.

Wondering if there is life beyond the glass tank. Wondering which is better, death by the chefs knife or death by the tank.

Similar to that of the local artist, endless potential bound by the constraints of the law. Where “free” speech is rated PG-13 , Art is selected by a grand juror and music is approved by the masses.

One thing I do know is that if the “chef” ever decides to picks me up to cut my throat, he’ll have to do so with my shiny pincers hooked to his balls. What’s your choice?


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