On Daniel Ong’s Gripe With SPH

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

A post by Daniel Ong that some small business owners should be aware about when advertising with Singapore Press Holdings.

Lots of hidden costs. Even if it’s paid for, you cannot share it through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The content has already been paid for. Shouldn’t it be the right of the owner to use it as they see fit?

In fact, the content of the article is from the very people paying their wages. If there is no business owner, there is no story.

It’s like you go a store looking for Skittles, you buy a bag of Skittles, you decide to share those Skittles with a friend when suddenly out of nowhere a Skittles representative taps you on the shoulder and says to you “Hey, you bought it, its yours not theirs.” 

Also very typically Singaporean, customers are informed of workshops, extra charges and other various hidden costs, AFTER the incident has happened. These workshops, I highly doubt are free either.

How is the lay person supposed to know what your policies are? SPH are the press and the advertisers. Shouldn’t they be the ones advising us on protocol and not the other way around? How can a customer query about something they never knew existed? 

I sell “Roti Prata”, not print advertisements in the newspapers. How does one who flips and flattens dough for a living expected to know media laws and restrictions?

This story also comes after using the Straights Times Ipad app this morning only to find to my annoyance that I have to pay to read the daily news when other news sources are updating me for free.

Seriously speaking, who needs ST? In my opinion, just get freelancers to do the job and call it a day. Why bother with these money grubbing crooks?

Someone who is a radio personality for a good many years goes to our local press believing in a fair and trustworthy system and get a spoonful of “pay and pay extra”. Well done SPH, well done.


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