Went to Avalon last night. Looks like Wednesday’s have become the new day care centre for underaged kids.

Women pushing and shoving like “aunties” in a wet market for the free flow and guys still having the “How old do you think I am” talk in the elevator.

Think if the cops ever stop by they also can have their bonus period “free flow” here as well.

Generic music, extremely main stream. Exciting for some but definitely not for the dance music aficionados.

Not that Im entirely against mainstream club bangers but the tracks being played last night were pretty dated. Stuff like Usher, Lil Jon, Pitbull, Flo Rida’s older tracks were among them. Cheese I used to spin at parties… 6 months ago.

For ladies the attraction of free “free flow” is there but as for myself, I’ve given up on Avalon Wednesdays.

Whats more, guys have to pay $20 for 1 drink (after free flow hours), if not its $28 for a crummy 2hr free flow. Which is probably one of the most “Bo Hua” free flows I’ve heard of.

My verdict… Don’t waste time. Unless you are a teenager wanting to get sloshed to shit music this is not the night for you. Fridays and Saturdays are much better.


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