Response to : Singapore has the world’s worst taxi drivers | Singapore Business Review

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Commentary, Current Affairs, News, Rants

Singapore has the world’s worst taxi drivers | Singapore Business Review.

What a crock of shit.

This guy has to be the most Epic “sway” guy in Singapore. I’ve stayed in sg for years and never really had this problem.

Taxi drivers are not street directories. If he knows the way himself, help the driver out lah. Sit there KPKB writing bullshit stories.

Age is not a factor either. Newbies still have to start from somewhere to gain knowledge in any field. Sure he is familiar with the roads…that he knows of. If you commute using those roads everyday of course you know lah.

Also, a person who is 40 or 50 that hasn’t been to Taman Jurong before won’t know the way to Taman Jurong. He might argue that it is the drivers job and there is a lack of training but no amount of looking at a map will educate a driver on routes around the whole island.

In fact I salute these drivers to even know where it is I stay every time I hop into a cab. Try asking three friends the address to their residence. Can you drive to all three places without a map? Most taxi drivers can, I cant.

Having worked as a courier before, being a driver is not as easy as everyone thinks. It’s nearly impossible to know where every single building is in Singapore and everyday will be a new learning experience regardless of how many years you have under your belt.

The reason why some companies have Nets and credit cards machines and some don’t is because some taxi companies are privately owned. If he ever bothered to ask the driver during one his journeys he would have known the answer to this.

This has to be the most one sided commentary I’ve read in quite awhile. Pfft, point fingers at taxi drivers when you as a writer suck at your own job.

  1. I love your insightful rebuttal on behalf of taxi drivers!

    • You are very most welcome my friend!

      I believe Taxi driving is not as easy a profession as most people think it is. Road knowledge is one thing, trying to concentrate and remember routes after countless hours of driving isn’t a walk in the park either.

      Thats why I thought this article was extremely insensitive and to call our local taxi drivers “the world’s worst” is ridiculously inaccurate. If it is anything, I believe he has been too pampered by Singapores taxi system and clearly has not sat in taxis in other parts of Asia let alone the World.

      Another one of those “Everything is wrong with this world except my lousy attitude” type of guy. Got NETS he will want Credit card. Now got both, he complain why all cab don’t have machines.

      It will never end lah, cannot please everyone in this world but do know that many people don’t agree with his arrogant commentary anyways. Cheers and be safe!

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