My Friend The Hypocrite

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

If anyone doesn’t know already I’ve never wasted my time reading the ST since I was 15.

I remembered how people used come to me with “Wa so suku. Never read newspapers ah?”

“I’m sorry but suku is the one that reads shit for news and cannot discern fact from fiction and to dumb to know what’s right and wrong for themselves.”

Then they get all sensitive and say I’m an arrogant twat. Huddle with your band of ignorant fools to make yourself seem the better man, outcast me and alienate me for my views.

Years later you tell me “Eh, gar-ment kayu , now I heard you protesting about this and that, I support you.”

Bitch please, go fuck yourself. Back then you were A herd follower, a trend seeker. Monkey see monkey do.

Years later, no different. People don’t like this , you also don’t like the same thing.

Seriously, why chumps likes you exist is probably where the phrase “god works in mysterious ways” came from.

The nerve of some people simply astounds me.


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