China Vs China. Winner? China.

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Commentary, Current Affairs, Random thoughts, Rants
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So…when is Singapore going to offer Michael Phelps and Usian Bolt a PR here? Then Singapore can win medals every Olympics at every event.

To me the worlds table tennis teams are a joke. It’s not just Singapore, come on, European countries also got China Players ah? Let’s be honest, every match is a China vs China. Mind you I have nothing against China, just the use of foreign “imports” to chalk up the medal tally.

You mean to say that every country needs FT’s to win at the Olympics? Where’s the sportsmanship in that? Just send a representative, lose/win and call it a day.

I’ve was swimming for Singapore at one stage of my life and even qualifying for the Olympics is a feat in itself.

It’s easy to point fingers at the Tv saying “Wah lau, hopeless la!” but I can assure you a lot of blood and sweat has gone into their training to get there. I’m pretty sure sportsmen and women alike will know what I’m talking about.

Sure we might not win medals but who cares. Why we don’t win? I can tell you the reason is because of “tan bo chiak” and “tidak apa” attitude, not because we are lesser athletes.

You dare give up your day job? CAN you give up your day job? Don’t win never mind, still can fall back on other forms of income. Can one really take time off to train without having to worry about the typical financial pressures of being a Singaporean?

Rising costs of everything, you want to swim ah? Government can sponsor you a living or not? Hahaha, you must be mad.

No, Government must see things happen then support. Olympiads are paid athletes not part timers working half half in an office. Just like the arts, sports isn’t any different. So don’t blame the athlete blame the “Man”.


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