Less Asking, More Doing

Posted: August 3, 2012 in Current Affairs, News, Politics, Rants

‘New’ Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing wants to examine why Singaporeans are not having babies.


Sometimes i find our ministers really damn wayang. Ask stupid questions. Why no babies? 

Jokes aside the answer is obvious. Too expensive to raise kids.

People are having problems keeping themselves afloat with shitty wages and sky rocketing living costs. Kids are the last thing on their minds. Any Singaporean can tell you the answer to this.
What’s the point of running an inquiry? We don’t need a fucking inquiry, find an answer and bloody fix it already. Mai Tu Liao. We pay you to solve problems not ask questions man. 
So…does that mean I can become your minister also? Cos it looks to me like any mother son can do this job.

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