Forex Peace Army Sour Grapes

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Commentary


Forex Peace Army, watch dog group to source out rogue traders who teach forex to others.

Some of the reviews on a course i attended recently are quite stupid.

You can’t make the cut then don’t screw the company for your own inefficiency and inability to trade lah. Forex trading is not magic and not a get rich quick scheme.

If the chief traders can accurately predict where to buy and sell every mother son will be rich.

I’ve personally attended the course myself and learned a lot and I didn’t even have to pay a cent. I just incorporated his teachings into my current style and it’s worked wonders for my consistency.

It’s very simple, if you think it’s a scam don’t pay and fuck off, nobody put a gun to your head and said you must pay. Two weeks of free education, optional to continue or not, still “kao pei kao bu” so much.

These people are probably one of the guys who are sleeping, blur or just a sour grapes thinking Forex trading is all glitz and glamor.

If anything, the course I attended shed light on the more important factors of trading which is patience, the psychological aspect of the profession and to wipe out the whole earn $10000 a day BS.

Singaporeans are a bit to skeptical of everything for their own good sometimes. Cannot make it then blame others.

If I were this company I wouldn’t be so nice to this bitch and sue the motherfucker for talking rubbish. Now that the company is offering you a refund just take it and leave for your own good.


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