Marriage, Kids?

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Random thoughts

Small girl ran up to me just now while at work and said “uncle you very tall ah!”

Then ran to the father, Malay Ang kong siao guy with Chit tiam on the forehead and he picked her up and sayang her so much.

Turns out to be a friend of mine, ex drug dealer, ex user but turned his life around. He asked me “Bro, no kids ah?”

I said , “Mai kong LAN chiao Wei lah, Singapore so expensive you want me to die ah?”

He told me, “I have two kids now, wife and I’m happy. I still remember you, anarchist boy KPKB on newspaper and your blog about the government. Still same?”

“Same motherf*****s no difference, less make up only.”

“Haha, I’m great now, kids changed my life. Now I have two. I live for my kids man. You confirm will die for them. I know you luh. I see the way you carry my kid I know you can be a father. ”

“Hmm… Maybe you are right…”


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