Why So Serious?

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Rants

I don’t understand why people are getting outraged over every other stupid thing.

Students crack some offensive jokes at an NUS party caught on video also can get disgusted.

Recently “Butterflies and Cakes” also kena complained because of a lame remark made by a Poly intern.

Live and let live lah, i don’t understand how one can take issues on such a personal level when it’s totally none of their business to begin with. It’s always “I’m deeply troubled” “I gravely disappointed” “I’m greatly offended”.

People have a bit of fun , you watch their video, you see things you dont like, say it offends you, then you complain to forums / Stomp.

To me it’s sounds as ridiculous as watching porn then saying later that sex “offends” you and are “deeply troubled” by nudity.


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