We All Come, We All Go

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Random thoughts

I believe that our time on this earth are numbered. Regardless of which religion, conspiracy theory or lack thereof we don’t exist forever.

I’ve witness the passing of a good many friends, either to disease or by accidents and experienced the fragility of life firsthand. Here today, possibly gone tomorrow.

I don’t bear grudges and I’ve been criticized for forgiving too easily. I don’t believe in offering the other cheek but I believe it’s pointless to bring hate into your grave. YOLO.

You reap what you sow. I help for free. I never charged and nickel or a dime for compliments , information or a referral. As long as I can enrich your life, success in your business or help in your school projects in some way I’m happy.

However, I am only human. I have my limitations and my heart still hurts at times. I’m not invulnerable to the injustices and petty minds of the world.

If someone thinks you are worth losing and not appreciate you then maybe it’s time to recalibrate because for everyone that doesn’t care for your time there are those that will.

Im not the sort that can throw dirt when dirt is thrown, tried and tested countless times, doesn’t work. God knows id like to give them a taste of their own medicine, maybe last time but I think age has rendered me wiser.

We don’t exist forever. Drop the ones that don’t care or treat you like you’re expendable and treasure the ones that enrich your life and treat you like everyday is your last day on earth.


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