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Boy committed suicide after being questioned by police.



Posted: July 27, 2012 in Current Affairs, Law, News, Politics

You read things like these and then you ask why people hate you. As I dislike racial bigotry and xenophobia one can’t help but to think they are really shooting themselves in the foot sometimes.

This is an exerpt from the article.

—Wang Quancheng, the chairman of the Hua Yuan Association, the largest organization representing mainlanders, said the government was not doing enough to help integrate new arrivals, but he also blamed Singaporeans for their intolerance and said many were simply jealous that so many Chinese immigrate here with money in their pockets.

“Of course, the new arrivals are rich or else the government would have to feed them,” he said. “Some locals are very lazy and live off the government. When new immigrants come, they think it is competition, taking away their rice bowls.”

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Handcuffed man shot twice by San Francisco police – witness reports — RT.

Woke up to see some great news in the papers.

Singapore is no longer making the death penalty mandatory for drug traffickers and murderers. Sentencing will be on a case to case basis depending on the criminals involvement in the crime.

Judges now have the option of imposing life imprisonment if the drug trafficker is a just a courier and has no involvement in the supplying and distributing of the drugs.

The same option goes for murderers with no malicious intent to kill another.

Nguyen, your passing has not been in vain. Our countless protests may not have saved you then but change has finally come and it brings a tear to my eye. Your noble sacrifice has saved a nation from a third world mindset.

Singapore, for once I salute you. Keep it up. I’m still not voting for the usual suspects though. You still have a long long way to go.