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Truth Be Told

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Flash Backs, Rants, Uncategorized


I’ve always been a gentle and peace loving person.

If I fight verbally or with my fists it’s only to defend myself or to protect others whom I care about be it a stranger or a friend.

If you think I’m some lawless troublemaker you have aced the “ignorant” test with distinctions.

I simply like to push limits to show how stupid society looks when it comes to judging an individual by appearance.


I can be a local politician I tell you. There aren’t too many responses to the peoples problems.

When kena caught, push blame. Black and white serves no purpose. After that, send in the scrape goat.

When answering tough questions, play reversi.

“Hmm, but let me ask you first. What do you think?”

Sir, why COE price so high? Living cost going up till no end? Wages so pathetic, ten years and still no change?

Response: Under the LAN LAN act I sentence you to “Lan lan suck thumb till the next elections!”

Observation in Singapore. I’m using photographers as an example but it really applies to most artists in their field of work.

Here is what i think will happen when you put an identical camera in front of the two.

Amateur: Looks the camera, complains about the brand, the functions and the world around him.

Professional: Picks up the camera and starts taking pictures of the world around him.

Unbeknownst to many, I still keep a written diary till this day. I don’t trust the internet with many of my thoughts and like to keep certain things away from the prying eyes of cyberspace.

There are many things I don’t post online also because I’m self concious that it may sound silly to some but this is what I feel about love. I’m in the mood for it so I’d thought I’d share.

This taken from one entry when a girl whom I really cared about left me without a word or any reason. It gave me a lot of time to reflect and think about what love really meant to me.

“To me love is irrational. Feeling and emotions over common sense. I love to love because I express myself in a way where I know things are not part of a plan, a pre determined system of sorts. An escape to an alternate reality where I can be completely be alone, away from everyone yet be together with you at the same time…”

I’ve always imagined love to be this way. Laughable and idealistic as it may sound, I hope to meet that special someone that sees things feels the same way I do. Not sure if that day will ever come but I can always dream about it.

I find it quite disturbing to some people don’t know what the logos mean on their clothes. 

Bumped into an aquintance over lunch and noticed the logo on his jacket. 

“Wow, you’re into baseball now ah?”

“No what makes you think so? “

“Angels fan? ” 


“Yeah, that’s the Los Angeles Angels Emblem on your jacket what. The baseball team? “

“Oh really ah? Didn’t know that, i see the design nice and limited edition i buy already.”


What’s next? Buy a tshirt with Nazi swastika and parade around proudly simply because you like the looks of it and its limited edition?

Watching fishing documentaries on Nat Geo and I noticed something between the Western fishing culture and the Asian fishing culture.

Western fishermen : “Woah ain’t that a beauty, let’s release it back into water…just watch it go, incredible!”

Asian fishermen “Wow, beautiful catch…this type of fish best eaten steamed with soy sauce and ginger!”