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Thanks to all.

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Random thoughts

Feeling much better after a celebration of smokes, booze, electro and retarded head bobbing.

Sorry if didnt appear at your “tiew”. Promise to go next week after work and catch up with you all again.

Ill fight to see another day people. On the plus side my career is finally taking off after tons of self study, research and months of hard work. My hair is all greyed from stress but I finally did it. Lots of pressure but I think no sweat la.

Maybe it is time to focus on other things now. I prayed hard for a miracle today, didn’t come as expected but it still is and I’m happy. I nursed a broken heart but a new door opened up in its place.

Not closing the old one just yet… (I hate to use this phrase) but ill play by ear, who knows.

At least this new door (if all is well) is a ticket out of the country and finally “zhao lor” for good.

No I won’t write a sappy farewell letter if I do, I’m just going to take a dump at Changi Airport and leave. Sorry but for those close to me you should know how much I hate the trap door of a country.

I must admit I have not been writing a lot these days because no writer can really be good at what he does without a tragedy, disaster or a heartbreak, so expect the old blog to be packed again and Ill see you at the clubs and various events once again. (Oh god not this guy again) I know.

A gal pal recommended I try Absinth to drown away my sorrows. As Barney from “How I met your mother” would say… “Challenge Accepted.”

Agreed, enough drinks, metal and DJing will get me out of the slumps.

To all, who have shown love. Thank you and God bless. I think metal heads have to be the most sensitive people in the world, guttural vocalists, mad shredders were to first to the rescue. Thanks ar. You bleed ears at concerts and at your bars but your words are like an angels harp to the broken soul.

PAP detesters thank you also, seriously I’m fine. All the more energy to slam this “fine” country.

Good night and have a pleasant working day! Hope to catch up with all of you soon. Just let me get my balls straight this week and the next. Lots of pressure, please continue to pray for me too.


We All Come, We All Go

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Random thoughts

I believe that our time on this earth are numbered. Regardless of which religion, conspiracy theory or lack thereof we don’t exist forever.

I’ve witness the passing of a good many friends, either to disease or by accidents and experienced the fragility of life firsthand. Here today, possibly gone tomorrow.

I don’t bear grudges and I’ve been criticized for forgiving too easily. I don’t believe in offering the other cheek but I believe it’s pointless to bring hate into your grave. YOLO.

You reap what you sow. I help for free. I never charged and nickel or a dime for compliments , information or a referral. As long as I can enrich your life, success in your business or help in your school projects in some way I’m happy.

However, I am only human. I have my limitations and my heart still hurts at times. I’m not invulnerable to the injustices and petty minds of the world.

If someone thinks you are worth losing and not appreciate you then maybe it’s time to recalibrate because for everyone that doesn’t care for your time there are those that will.

Im not the sort that can throw dirt when dirt is thrown, tried and tested countless times, doesn’t work. God knows id like to give them a taste of their own medicine, maybe last time but I think age has rendered me wiser.

We don’t exist forever. Drop the ones that don’t care or treat you like you’re expendable and treasure the ones that enrich your life and treat you like everyday is your last day on earth.

Facebook Frustrations

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Random thoughts, Rants

Sigh, it’s so irritating when people are trying to correct you with their own brand of idiocy.

I cannot even be bothered to explain myself anymore because there are some things in life where you just need to read up on your own.

It’s like going to a comic club and asking the comedian to explain his jokes after he tells them.

Or going the a quantum physics lecture, interrupting the professor asking him to explain the words “the” & “and” because of the lack of a basic command of English.

Empty vessels may make the most noise but empty vessels also have plenty to gain.

Someone who thinks he knows everything stands to learn nothing.

This is why with certain people, I simply cannot be bothered to waste my breath because the individual’s refusal to change their preconceived ideas and notions of “truth”.

The problem lies not with me being an arrogant but with you being an ignoramus.

Marriage, Kids?

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Random thoughts

Small girl ran up to me just now while at work and said “uncle you very tall ah!”

Then ran to the father, Malay Ang kong siao guy with Chit tiam on the forehead and he picked her up and sayang her so much.

Turns out to be a friend of mine, ex drug dealer, ex user but turned his life around. He asked me “Bro, no kids ah?”

I said , “Mai kong LAN chiao Wei lah, Singapore so expensive you want me to die ah?”

He told me, “I have two kids now, wife and I’m happy. I still remember you, anarchist boy KPKB on newspaper and your blog about the government. Still same?”

“Same motherf*****s no difference, less make up only.”

“Haha, I’m great now, kids changed my life. Now I have two. I live for my kids man. You confirm will die for them. I know you luh. I see the way you carry my kid I know you can be a father. ”

“Hmm… Maybe you are right…”

I can be a local politician I tell you. There aren’t too many responses to the peoples problems.

When kena caught, push blame. Black and white serves no purpose. After that, send in the scrape goat.

When answering tough questions, play reversi.

“Hmm, but let me ask you first. What do you think?”

Sir, why COE price so high? Living cost going up till no end? Wages so pathetic, ten years and still no change?

Response: Under the LAN LAN act I sentence you to “Lan lan suck thumb till the next elections!”

So…when is Singapore going to offer Michael Phelps and Usian Bolt a PR here? Then Singapore can win medals every Olympics at every event.

To me the worlds table tennis teams are a joke. It’s not just Singapore, come on, European countries also got China Players ah? Let’s be honest, every match is a China vs China. Mind you I have nothing against China, just the use of foreign “imports” to chalk up the medal tally.

You mean to say that every country needs FT’s to win at the Olympics? Where’s the sportsmanship in that? Just send a representative, lose/win and call it a day.

I’ve was swimming for Singapore at one stage of my life and even qualifying for the Olympics is a feat in itself.

It’s easy to point fingers at the Tv saying “Wah lau, hopeless la!” but I can assure you a lot of blood and sweat has gone into their training to get there. I’m pretty sure sportsmen and women alike will know what I’m talking about.

Sure we might not win medals but who cares. Why we don’t win? I can tell you the reason is because of “tan bo chiak” and “tidak apa” attitude, not because we are lesser athletes.

You dare give up your day job? CAN you give up your day job? Don’t win never mind, still can fall back on other forms of income. Can one really take time off to train without having to worry about the typical financial pressures of being a Singaporean?

Rising costs of everything, you want to swim ah? Government can sponsor you a living or not? Hahaha, you must be mad.

No, Government must see things happen then support. Olympiads are paid athletes not part timers working half half in an office. Just like the arts, sports isn’t any different. So don’t blame the athlete blame the “Man”.

Quotation Thieves

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Random thoughts, Rants

Some people’s status are purely quotes from others, worse still some rip off other peoples quotes and pass them off as their own.

They sound like a freedom fighter, the quintisential anarchist online but when you finally meet them they have nothing to say nor know what the hell is really going on around them.

Another rebel for nothing, a Che quote thief, another lost cause.