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A charity breast squeeze took place last weekend in Shinjuku, Tokyo as part of the “Erotica will Save the World” event.

Is this a typical reward for donating to charity in Japan? We go hands on… I mean… just read on for more details.

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Truth Be Told

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I’ve always been a gentle and peace loving person.

If I fight verbally or with my fists it’s only to defend myself or to protect others whom I care about be it a stranger or a friend.

If you think I’m some lawless troublemaker you have aced the “ignorant” test with distinctions.

I simply like to push limits to show how stupid society looks when it comes to judging an individual by appearance.

Work Life Balance Scale By Country

5 Countries Where You Don’t Have To Work Yourself To Death To Make Ends Meet


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Facebook Frustrations

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Sigh, it’s so irritating when people are trying to correct you with their own brand of idiocy.

I cannot even be bothered to explain myself anymore because there are some things in life where you just need to read up on your own.

It’s like going to a comic club and asking the comedian to explain his jokes after he tells them.

Or going the a quantum physics lecture, interrupting the professor asking him to explain the words “the” & “and” because of the lack of a basic command of English.

Empty vessels may make the most noise but empty vessels also have plenty to gain.

Someone who thinks he knows everything stands to learn nothing.

This is why with certain people, I simply cannot be bothered to waste my breath because the individual’s refusal to change their preconceived ideas and notions of “truth”.

The problem lies not with me being an arrogant but with you being an ignoramus.