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Ra Ra Rasputin! Bloody awesome club.

To the left of club Area, look out for the bearded man.

The DJ has taste. Old school Boat Quay bump and grind RNB, mixed with Electro chart toppers and a hint of dubstep.

Ladies night free flow don’t come in sissy glasses with retarded waiting lines in Rasputin …They serve it by the JUG.

Now thats what a free flow is meant to be like in my opinion. It’s a free flow, what’s the logic of getting one drink and having to join a mad “Q” …AGAIN?
People want to enjoy, not waste their fucking time waiting for drinks.

Never make a lady wait for whatever reason, where’s your manners?

Drink are pretty cheap. My bourbon coke was $10++ , my Jaeger Bombs were $12 with a can of Redbull.

Sparse number of locals, lots of Russian ladies, lots of fun. Just the way I like it.

If you are the sort that enjoys blending in with the rest of “Sheepapore” hit the mega club. If you want to really enjoy yourself try the smaller establishments like Rasputin, get shit wasted, dance with people you don’t know and wake up the next morning wondering how the hell you ever got home.

Better music , better service, more sensible promotions.


Nothing beats the original yes I know but one of the better dance remixes I’ve heard for this classic and also a personal favorite.

The link to very raw recording on Soundcloud using the IPad app. Just having a bit practice time before my gigs next week end.