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Today is my youngest brother’s 20th birthday. Can’t believe time has flown past so quickly. I still remember carrying him around since he was a little tyke, always wanting me to carry him around where ever we went.

We are exactly a decade apart from each other and me and my girl friend at the time used to play with him always because he was such a cute baby that never cried.

I even remember he uttered his first words in Sydney Australia. I gave him a slice of cheese and he said …”chheeth” because he had no teeth.

Even if he fell down or cut himself he would never make a sound. He would go “Kor kor, kor kor” with open arms then “bo pian” must carry… Hehe.

I remember on his first birthday I saved up to him a pair of shoes costing more than my Airwalk’s, navy blue with a whale on the top , only for him to out grow them in six months later.

Now he’s a man, living his own dreams, hair like a girls with the rock and roll image but no matter how old he gets, to me, he will still be the baby with the blue whale shoes.