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Truth Be Told

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Flash Backs, Rants, Uncategorized


I’ve always been a gentle and peace loving person.

If I fight verbally or with my fists it’s only to defend myself or to protect others whom I care about be it a stranger or a friend.

If you think I’m some lawless troublemaker you have aced the “ignorant” test with distinctions.

I simply like to push limits to show how stupid society looks when it comes to judging an individual by appearance.


Facebook Frustrations

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Random thoughts, Rants

Sigh, it’s so irritating when people are trying to correct you with their own brand of idiocy.

I cannot even be bothered to explain myself anymore because there are some things in life where you just need to read up on your own.

It’s like going to a comic club and asking the comedian to explain his jokes after he tells them.

Or going the a quantum physics lecture, interrupting the professor asking him to explain the words “the” & “and” because of the lack of a basic command of English.

Empty vessels may make the most noise but empty vessels also have plenty to gain.

Someone who thinks he knows everything stands to learn nothing.

This is why with certain people, I simply cannot be bothered to waste my breath because the individual’s refusal to change their preconceived ideas and notions of “truth”.

The problem lies not with me being an arrogant but with you being an ignoramus.

Why So Serious?

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Rants

I don’t understand why people are getting outraged over every other stupid thing.

Students crack some offensive jokes at an NUS party caught on video also can get disgusted.

Recently “Butterflies and Cakes” also kena complained because of a lame remark made by a Poly intern.

Live and let live lah, i don’t understand how one can take issues on such a personal level when it’s totally none of their business to begin with. It’s always “I’m deeply troubled” “I gravely disappointed” “I’m greatly offended”.

People have a bit of fun , you watch their video, you see things you dont like, say it offends you, then you complain to forums / Stomp.

To me it’s sounds as ridiculous as watching porn then saying later that sex “offends” you and are “deeply troubled” by nudity.

A lot of my friends meet up with me and ask me, “Like it that you hate Singapore man, I’m with you.”

Honestly speaking, I don’t. I’m just extremely upset to see the way things are now.

I recently heard the music video of “We are Singapore” and “Count on me Singapore”, national day songs we used to sing in the 80’s and I was sincerely brought to tears when I heard it on the Telly. It didn’t help either that they were showing scenes of the way things were back then.

I’ve memorized the words since I was in Kindergarten and I sang those words as a child with gusto. “Onward”, “Progress”, counting on our generation to produce a better society for ourselves, our loved ones, our parents and our children to reside in someday.

Now when I sing the same lyrics 20 years later I regret I ever sang for more “progress” in Singapore because I’ve realized as a man and in adulthood that there is no finish line to “Singapore’s progress”, what I’ve done is glorify a horrible thing and dug a fucking hole for myself and our future generations.

I was born in Singapore, I still have hopes for my country like the rest of everybody else. I just choose to break to balls of those that try to fuck me over and have some fun at the same time.

Hate is too strong a word for my behaviour, It’s simply societal and governmental frustration. Nothing more. Happy national day!

Ridiculous, every where I go i see the durian spiked shoe for ladies. When fashionistas sport them its called ‘fashion’.

When goths and metal heads like myself wear them they are called “potentially dangerous weapons”.

Double Standards much?

I can be a local politician I tell you. There aren’t too many responses to the peoples problems.

When kena caught, push blame. Black and white serves no purpose. After that, send in the scrape goat.

When answering tough questions, play reversi.

“Hmm, but let me ask you first. What do you think?”

Sir, why COE price so high? Living cost going up till no end? Wages so pathetic, ten years and still no change?

Response: Under the LAN LAN act I sentence you to “Lan lan suck thumb till the next elections!”

‘New’ Acting Minister Chan Chun Sing wants to examine why Singaporeans are not having babies.


Sometimes i find our ministers really damn wayang. Ask stupid questions. Why no babies? 

Jokes aside the answer is obvious. Too expensive to raise kids.

People are having problems keeping themselves afloat with shitty wages and sky rocketing living costs. Kids are the last thing on their minds. Any Singaporean can tell you the answer to this.
What’s the point of running an inquiry? We don’t need a fucking inquiry, find an answer and bloody fix it already. Mai Tu Liao. We pay you to solve problems not ask questions man. 
So…does that mean I can become your minister also? Cos it looks to me like any mother son can do this job.