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Forex Peace Army Sour Grapes

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Commentary


Forex Peace Army, watch dog group to source out rogue traders who teach forex to others.

Some of the reviews on a course i attended recently are quite stupid.

You can’t make the cut then don’t screw the company for your own inefficiency and inability to trade lah. Forex trading is not magic and not a get rich quick scheme.

If the chief traders can accurately predict where to buy and sell every mother son will be rich.

I’ve personally attended the course myself and learned a lot and I didn’t even have to pay a cent. I just incorporated his teachings into my current style and it’s worked wonders for my consistency.

It’s very simple, if you think it’s a scam don’t pay and fuck off, nobody put a gun to your head and said you must pay. Two weeks of free education, optional to continue or not, still “kao pei kao bu” so much.

These people are probably one of the guys who are sleeping, blur or just a sour grapes thinking Forex trading is all glitz and glamor.

If anything, the course I attended shed light on the more important factors of trading which is patience, the psychological aspect of the profession and to wipe out the whole earn $10000 a day BS.

Singaporeans are a bit to skeptical of everything for their own good sometimes. Cannot make it then blame others.

If I were this company I wouldn’t be so nice to this bitch and sue the motherfucker for talking rubbish. Now that the company is offering you a refund just take it and leave for your own good.


Latest piece done by Valerie at Vagabond Ink.

Her artwork is seriously perfect.

You really need to look at it up close to appreciate the intricacy, attention to detail and the accuracy of her lines. Very professionally done.

Plus I got a free Vagabond Ink sticker! Thanks you so much for your hospitality guys!

Check out their Facebook page and also their website at


A lot of my friends meet up with me and ask me, “Like it that you hate Singapore man, I’m with you.”

Honestly speaking, I don’t. I’m just extremely upset to see the way things are now.

I recently heard the music video of “We are Singapore” and “Count on me Singapore”, national day songs we used to sing in the 80’s and I was sincerely brought to tears when I heard it on the Telly. It didn’t help either that they were showing scenes of the way things were back then.

I’ve memorized the words since I was in Kindergarten and I sang those words as a child with gusto. “Onward”, “Progress”, counting on our generation to produce a better society for ourselves, our loved ones, our parents and our children to reside in someday.

Now when I sing the same lyrics 20 years later I regret I ever sang for more “progress” in Singapore because I’ve realized as a man and in adulthood that there is no finish line to “Singapore’s progress”, what I’ve done is glorify a horrible thing and dug a fucking hole for myself and our future generations.

I was born in Singapore, I still have hopes for my country like the rest of everybody else. I just choose to break to balls of those that try to fuck me over and have some fun at the same time.

Hate is too strong a word for my behaviour, It’s simply societal and governmental frustration. Nothing more. Happy national day!

So…when is Singapore going to offer Michael Phelps and Usian Bolt a PR here? Then Singapore can win medals every Olympics at every event.

To me the worlds table tennis teams are a joke. It’s not just Singapore, come on, European countries also got China Players ah? Let’s be honest, every match is a China vs China. Mind you I have nothing against China, just the use of foreign “imports” to chalk up the medal tally.

You mean to say that every country needs FT’s to win at the Olympics? Where’s the sportsmanship in that? Just send a representative, lose/win and call it a day.

I’ve was swimming for Singapore at one stage of my life and even qualifying for the Olympics is a feat in itself.

It’s easy to point fingers at the Tv saying “Wah lau, hopeless la!” but I can assure you a lot of blood and sweat has gone into their training to get there. I’m pretty sure sportsmen and women alike will know what I’m talking about.

Sure we might not win medals but who cares. Why we don’t win? I can tell you the reason is because of “tan bo chiak” and “tidak apa” attitude, not because we are lesser athletes.

You dare give up your day job? CAN you give up your day job? Don’t win never mind, still can fall back on other forms of income. Can one really take time off to train without having to worry about the typical financial pressures of being a Singaporean?

Rising costs of everything, you want to swim ah? Government can sponsor you a living or not? Hahaha, you must be mad.

No, Government must see things happen then support. Olympiads are paid athletes not part timers working half half in an office. Just like the arts, sports isn’t any different. So don’t blame the athlete blame the “Man”.


Not sure about you guys but I enjoyed my night at Progressions @ Zirca.

The trance was fucking solid with lots of interesting moments, old classics were played and new tracks were dropped. Incredible.

Zirca’s bass never fails to blow my balls away. If I’m not right smack in front screaming “Kee Kah , Kee Chiew!!” I’m standing in front of their giant speakers getting a bass massage.

Fan girls, DJ worshippers and booty shakers. Nice. Managed to get some great shots of DJ Yukun’s set but no laptop till tomorrow to upload them.

Best part of it all is that I FINALLY FINALLY managed to get a copy of Progressions True Blue Vol 4!

One helluva solid mix, very well arranged with great sound quality. Want a copy? Get in line like the rest of us.

Till then, see you at the next one!

Ra Ra Rasputin! Bloody awesome club.

To the left of club Area, look out for the bearded man.

The DJ has taste. Old school Boat Quay bump and grind RNB, mixed with Electro chart toppers and a hint of dubstep.

Ladies night free flow don’t come in sissy glasses with retarded waiting lines in Rasputin …They serve it by the JUG.

Now thats what a free flow is meant to be like in my opinion. It’s a free flow, what’s the logic of getting one drink and having to join a mad “Q” …AGAIN?
People want to enjoy, not waste their fucking time waiting for drinks.

Never make a lady wait for whatever reason, where’s your manners?

Drink are pretty cheap. My bourbon coke was $10++ , my Jaeger Bombs were $12 with a can of Redbull.

Sparse number of locals, lots of Russian ladies, lots of fun. Just the way I like it.

If you are the sort that enjoys blending in with the rest of “Sheepapore” hit the mega club. If you want to really enjoy yourself try the smaller establishments like Rasputin, get shit wasted, dance with people you don’t know and wake up the next morning wondering how the hell you ever got home.

Better music , better service, more sensible promotions.

Singapore has the world’s worst taxi drivers | Singapore Business Review.

What a crock of shit.

This guy has to be the most Epic “sway” guy in Singapore. I’ve stayed in sg for years and never really had this problem.

Taxi drivers are not street directories. If he knows the way himself, help the driver out lah. Sit there KPKB writing bullshit stories.

Age is not a factor either. Newbies still have to start from somewhere to gain knowledge in any field. Sure he is familiar with the roads…that he knows of. If you commute using those roads everyday of course you know lah.

Also, a person who is 40 or 50 that hasn’t been to Taman Jurong before won’t know the way to Taman Jurong. He might argue that it is the drivers job and there is a lack of training but no amount of looking at a map will educate a driver on routes around the whole island.

In fact I salute these drivers to even know where it is I stay every time I hop into a cab. Try asking three friends the address to their residence. Can you drive to all three places without a map? Most taxi drivers can, I cant.

Having worked as a courier before, being a driver is not as easy as everyone thinks. It’s nearly impossible to know where every single building is in Singapore and everyday will be a new learning experience regardless of how many years you have under your belt.

The reason why some companies have Nets and credit cards machines and some don’t is because some taxi companies are privately owned. If he ever bothered to ask the driver during one his journeys he would have known the answer to this.

This has to be the most one sided commentary I’ve read in quite awhile. Pfft, point fingers at taxi drivers when you as a writer suck at your own job.